FreeSynd is a cross-platform, GPLed reimplementation of engine for the classic Bullfrog game, Syndicate.


Release 0.7.5

3 years after our last release, here is the new 0.7.5 version. Well, it has been so long that I can't remember exactly what features were implemented! But a lot of refactoring has been made in order to facilitate the implementation of new features.
Let's hope future releases will come faster!
If someone is interested in building a debian package for this version, please do!

-- Benoit Blancard

And the winner is...

Finally! The poll has come to an end. And the winner is Oscar Natividad with his work Syndilogo!
Congratulations to him and many thanks to all contributors (Pawel and Nick).

-- Benoit Blancard

News Icons

Hi all! It's been a while since the poll on the FreeSynd icon has been launched. The project's activity was really low so we never took the time to choose the winner. I apologize to our contributors who did a great job!
Anyway, lately Pawel has sent a new release for his icon and Nick Parker-Stevens also submitted his contribution which I'm pleased to include in the contest.
So I announce that, in two weeks from now, the poll will be closed and the winner be chosen based on the votings! Good luck every one!

-- Benoit Blancard

Icons and voting

Thanks to contribution from Pawel Swoboda and Oscar Natividad we have two icons now, but which to choose? Dear users, please, vote for your preference at ICONS_PAGE.

-- Bohdan Stelmakh

Release 0.7.1

Small improvements were done in this release, we hope you will enjoy it. Get it from sourceforge. We are STILL WITHOUT icon, read news "Icon is WANTED." for more info.

-- Bohdan Stelmakh

Icon is WANTED.

Usually projects have icon from the very beginning, but not Freesynd and we are STILL WITHOUT one. If anyone is capable of creating this masterpiece - please do and send us. Some info for creator : it should have green color, be "dark" and "cyberpunk in heart", SVG format, license (CC BY-SA 3.0) will be prefered. This ticket should be used for sending and evaluating icons.

-- Bohdan Stelmakh

Release 0.7

We have finally managed to release new version of Freesynd, it's 0.7. Get it from sourceforge.

-- Bohdan Stelmakh

Release 0.6

After a lot of coding new version of Freesynd is ready for testing. Get it from sourceforge.

-- Bohdan Stelmakh

RSS feeds

As the development of Freesynd is not very fast, it can be tedious for our users to visit the website from time to time just to check if something has changed. So, we decided to set up a RSS feed so people would follow in an easier way the project's life. See the Project Communication section on the Development page for the addresses.

-- Benoit Blancard

Project status

We have a new developer - Joey Parrish. He implemented few big changes:
- save files are portable over different CPU architectures;
- separate directories for Syndicate and Freesynd data directories;
- cmake instead of autotools, also cmake used to build project files for MSVC++, for now it is without install part for Unix's.

-- Bohdan Stelmakh

New v0.5 release

This was hard, but we did it. Get it from sourceforge.

-- Bohdan Stelmakh

Project status

With chamel back in the game, v0.5 is now back on track! I finally got rid of that load/save feature and a few updates later, the future release is ready to be packaged. This week is the target!

-- Benoit Blancard

Research available

One step forward to v0.5 with the ability to run research on weapons and mods. Everything should work as in the original game. Now, I'm working on the load/save functionnality and I hope to complete it by the end of April (don't look at previous news).

Next to it, I'm planning to reorganize the SVN repository a little bit. The idea is to keep the trunk directory only for freesynd source code. All other directories will go one level up, the first will be the www directory.

-- Benoit Blancard

Project status

After quite a long period of inactivity, Freesynd development has started again. Holidays, new year's eve resolutions have delayed the release of the v0.5 version. On top of that, we lost one of our contributor : chamel. See you!

I'm planning to release v0.5 at the end of March. The goal of this version is to complete all work on menus so that future development will be focused on the gameplay. Next stop : end of march!

-- Benoit Blancard

New v0.4 release

The v0.4 development release is now available from sourceforge. Again, this release contains mainly bug fixes and enhancement. Read the release notes to have a complete view of the work done.

This release and the next ones won't contain the original data files because of licence restrictions. So you'll have to download the original game to use its data files (use -p option to specify the new data path when launching the game).


-- Benoit Blancard

New v0.3 release

Freesynd is still alive! A new development release is available from sourceforge. This v0.3 release contains mainly bug fixes and minor evolutions but it's still a step toward the v1.0.

Please try it and report any bug in the project bug tracker.

-- Benoit Blancard

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