Simple DirectMedia Layer; a library for multimedia applications, providing cross-platform access to graphics, audio, threading, etc.


An excellent implementation of the C++ STL. Includes extra features that are not part of the C++ standard, such as hash maps.


Assortment of very useful C++ libraries designed by some of the most revered C++ programmers in the industry, including some members of the C++ standards commitee. Highly recommended for C++ development projects!


Andrew Sampson's CityBuilder

Andrew spent quite a bit of time decoding the Syndicate data files - most of what we currently know about them is due to his work. You can find his Syndicate data file utilities on his CityBuilder page.

Dungeon Keeper Utilities

Bullfrog used similar formats for several data files throughout their early game releases, such as Syndicate, Syndicate Wars, Dungeon Keeper and Magic Carpet. Specifically, the compression format that they used for each of these games was the same (RNC Compression). You can find several tools that are relevant to decoding the Syndicate data files at the Dungeon Keeper Utilities page, most notably a RNC decompressor.

Electronic Arts

EA currently holds the copyright of both the Bullfrog name and Syndicate itself. They were the worldwide distributors of Bullfrog games, while Bullfrog was still a mildly independant game studio.


Bitstream Vera Fonts

Some freely-available, high-quality fonts, developed by Bitstream for the Gnome Foundation. These fonts are used on this site, so get them if you don't already have them.

The GNU General Public License

One of the primary FOSS licenses, and the license under which FreeSynd is distributed.

Cascading Style Sheets

CSS 2.1 Specification

The official CSS 2.1 specification at the W3C.

CSS Zen Garden

If you've never seen a reason to use CSS in your websites before, then check this site out. It might just change your mind.


Eric Meyer presents some cutting edge CSS here - some of which is used on this site.


Menus and sidebars, written as HTML lists and using CSS to achieve the menu-like layout.

The Layout Reservoir

A couple of generic multi-column layouts for use on your site, from the team at BlueRobot.

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